Formula E – 2016-17 Pre-Season Test

This was another very special event for me as this was my third media-accredited shoot in 2016, shooting for Badger GP. The weather set lovely lighting conditions throughout the day so I had no excuse not to get decent colourful shots of the cars, even if many of them were predominantly unpainted carbon fibre. While all of the photographers didn’t get quite into breathing distance of the drivers in their cars, you could get close enough (provided that you didn’t touch the car) where in F1 you would have been escorted out of the garage before you came that close to the car unless you were a team photographer.

As well as shooting alongside photographers whom I’d shot with less than a month ago at the 2016 Silverstone Classic, I had the pleasure of working alongside some immensely talented young journalists whom I have little doubt are the future of British motorsport journalism. Their youth belies a wealth of knowledge of many forms of motorsport that would counter many arguments given by… a certain type of motorsport fan.


Kate Hewitt interviews Oliver Turvey on his thoughts going into the 2016-2017 season.


Loic Duval shares his outlook ahead of the 2016-17 season with Kate Hewitt.


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