Formula E

I won’t deny it: I was ambivalent, bordering on averse to the prospect of an all-electric racing series as part of the appeal of motorsport to me is the noise and visceral presence of the engines be it the ear-splitting scream of a V10-powered F1 car or the guttural, throaty burble of a cross-plane V8 so to lose most of the noise with an electric motor powering the car seemed like a racing series I’d write off. Truth be told, after the first Formula E race alone, I realised that as much as I love the sounds in motorsport, the relative lack of it didn’t at all hinder my enjoyment of the series. The racing is fun to watch and Formula E’s fan engagement is outstanding but perhaps what I find most exciting is the rapid development of the technology and the differing approaches the teams take, particularly the various means of transmitting the power to the wheels. I have nothing but high hopes for Formula E and hearing of more manufacturers queueing up to secure a position for future seasons can only be good for the sport.



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