Silverstone Classic

Having watched motorsport for close to thirty years has instilled a passion not only for the racing but the history of the sport. To me, Silverstone Classic is a brilliant way to both elicit a feeling of nostalgia and familiarity from those who watched motorsport anywhere from 15 to 60 years back as well as to educate those who are new to it. Particularly satisfying was to see that most of the events with these cars were not dry parades but rather genuinely competitive races even though some of the cars had seven and even eight-figure price tags. As someone with a passion for motorsport, classic racing events such as this are the antithesis of a frustration where racing cars become consigned to gather dust in a private collector’s showroom, never to be seen again by the public.

2017 -Formula Ford 50, Formula Junior & RAC Tourist Trophy 2017 – Williams FW14B, Group C, Historic Formual 1 & RAC Woodcote Trophy


2017 – Maserati Trophy, Bike Legends, Celeb Trophy & Historic Sports Cars 2017 – Super Touring Cars, Kidston Trophy & Under 2 Litre Cars


2016 – HGPCA pre ’61 F1 2016 – Historic Touring Car Challenge (’86-’90)


2016 – Modern F1 2016 – FIA Masters Historic F1


2016 – HGPCA pre ’61 F1 2016 – Historic Touring Car Challenge (’86-’90)


2016 – FIA  Masters Historic Sports Cars 2016 – Can-Am 50 Interserie


2016 – Group C 2016 – 90s Endurance Legends


2016 – RAC Tourist Trophy for Historic Cars 2016 – Stirling Moss Trophy for Pre ’61 Sports Cars


2016 – Miscellaneous 2015 – Kidston Trophy, HGPCA Pre ’66 Grand Prix Cars and Battle of Britain Trophy Series


2015 – Group C, Modern F1 and FIA Masters Historic F1 2015 – FIA Masters Historic Sports Cars and 90s GT Legends